Map of York 1896-1904

Map of York 1896-1904

Discover the past with a reproduction of an historical Ordnance Survey map for York. Published from 1896 to 1904, the Revised New Edition for England and Wales maps show contours, latitude and longitude, parish boundaries, railways, roads, waterways and woods in 1 inch to 1 mile scale. These reproductions are printed on high quality, 200 gram sepia toned map paper, and are approximately 55 x 43 cm (21 x 17 inches), giving an authentic look.They are supplied rolled, so are suitable for mounting or framing and are ideal for display, reference and research.This series of 477 historical maps was created to give accurate overview mapping for Great Britain, and was intended for military, government and leisure use, including touring and cycling. Many of the previous edition had become very out of date so a new survey was commissioned that began in 1893, with the maps being published as they were completed.These maps are the ‘Outline’ versions that show contour lines and features in hand-drawn black and white, and show many of the map symbols that we are familiar with today. As well as display, they are useful for tracing family history, researching development and understanding how both natural and man-made geography has changed since the end of the Victorian age. We have maps from the 1896 to 1904 editions available for most of Great Britain, however, some are missing as the originals were destroyed when the Ordnance Survey was bombed during the Second World War. This map covers York in the Revised New Edition for England and Wales. Check the ‘Area Covered’ to determine what towns cities and features are shown on this map.

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